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Mountain Bike Holidays

Holiday in Trentino with MTB

As members of the Dolomiti Lagorai Bike we are experts of your holidays with your mountain bikes!
The hotel keepers in the region and in the selected and tested Dolomiti Lagorai Bike“ hotels constantly set up new offers to satisfy their guests.

Facilities in hotel

» Free parking
» MTB-depot and MTB-washing area
» Laundry service for MTB garment (with fee)
» Local dressing room with shower "check-outevening" (shower and luggage storage until the evening)
» Free Internet Service WI-Fi
» On request Packet Lunch for lunch
» Weather forecasts
» Local drying for drying clothes in case of rain
» Deposit for the bicycles

You will like it:
  • Deposit for the bicycles

    Departure - Baselga di Pine' - Hotel Pineta
    Arrival - Baselga di Pine' - Hotel Pineta
    Time - 1,45 h
    Length - 17,32 km
    Difference in height - 272 m

    Description - Simple and pleasant pathway, suitable for all the people on bike and pedestrian lane. Like the pedestrian lane, also the one for mountain bikes starts and finishes into the lake of Serraia in Baselga, it crosses the natural reserve "Marshes of Sternigo" and arrives at the west bank of the lake of Squares. In addition to the route on foot, you may reach the tract of bike and pedestrian lane until Brusago. The return can be effectuated on the opposed banks of the two lakes, differently to the going. It is reminded any brief tracts of the bike and pedestrian lane to lie on the secundary promiscuous roads, on which transports of agriculture and frontagers can pass.

    Download the map -
    The enchantment of the Black Forest
    Departure - Hotel Pineta Baselga di Pine'
    Arrival - Hotel Pineta Baselga di Pine'
    Time -
    Length - 9 km
    Difference in height -

    Descrizione - Si parte da Baselga di Pine' - Hotel Pineta, direzione Miola, Stadio del Ghiaccio e si sale su asfalto verso Costalta. Al km 1, in località Parciocca, la strada si fa sterrata ed al primo tornante presenta un bivio: non si segue la strada intrapresa (ovvero si abbandona la direzione Costalta) proseguendo invece diritto. La strada si fa impegnativa appena dopo un chilometro di rilassante pianura: lo strappo dura solo un chilometro e porta alla sommità del percorso, località Bosco Negro - km 3.2 metri 1300 -, da dove incomincia la discesa verso Campolongo, poi verso il Centro Ippico ed infine si costeggia il Lago di Serraia per rientrare al punto di partenza.

    Download the map
    Pyramids of Segonzano
    Departure - Hotel Pineta Baselga di Pine'
    Arrival - Hotel Pineta Baselga di Pine'
    Time -
    Length - 24 km
    Difference in height -

    DESCRIPTION: you'll leave from Baselga at Apt of Piné Cembra and you go towards the lakefront and the Lake of the Squares. From here you go out from the ground and enter the road of the province. When arrived at Bedollo, you follow the route E5. When arrived at Quaras, you follow as long a hundred of meters until a carriageable road that offers a sight on Valley of Cembra. You follow until Segonzano, where you may admire the famous Pyramids. From here you go towards Val Regnana that links the valley of Tableland of Pinè. By going up through the valley of Mills, you may reach the Fall of the Wolf. The last fatigue permits to reach the Squares and to successively make return to Baselga.

    Download the map
    Stramaiolo Alpen Hut path
    Departure - Miola
    Arrival - Miola
    Time - 3-4 h
    Length - 32 km
    Difference in height - 1107 m

    Technical Difficulty - 3/5
    Description - route of middle difficulty by departure and arrival at Miola di Piné, which develops on the west and the north-west edge of the tops Dosso di Costalta, Pontara, Stramaiolo and Campidei.
    The first part of the route is completely immersed in the wood and leads to the pasture of the shepherd's hut Stramaiolo Bassa, where you may enjoy a wide sight of the Tableland and Dolomites of Brenta. The return runs the valley floor in the length through three lakes that characterize it, by going through the village of Brusago and then through Baselga of Piné.
    Notice - two tracts on foot for almost 250 meters in the wholeness.
    Point of support - Shepherd's hut. Possibility of coming back at half route and following the road of Passo Redebus.

    Download the map -
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