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An unthoughtful day on the snow

The way Redebus is an alpine passage situated on 1.455 meters of altitude that links Val dei Mocheni to the tableland di Piné in the municipality of Bedollo.

It is perfect for the families on holiday in Trentino, this magic place offers the occasion to pass an unthoughtful day on the snow, by tasting typical dishes and enjoying the beauty of fantastic sights.  

From the Way Redebus it is possible to reach two typical refuges of this area and start thrilling paths on the snow, on foot, with snowshoes or the sledge.

There is the walk Malga Stramaiolo: within just an hour and half an hour through the wood you will reach this structure, which is famous for its delicious and typical dishes of Trentino. The path is well-beaten and can be run with boots and without snowshoes. And for the tiny children it can be amusing to be transported on the sledge and then go down by calm.

If on the contrary you have elder children, you may climb towards Malga Cambroncoi: 250 meters of difference in level by almost an hour, which are a bit binding, but the return home will be very pleasant. Also here, it is possible to taste the typical dishes of Trentino (polenta, meat, salami and home-made cheeses), moreover the sunny position is perfect for having relaxation.

If you like tasting a bit of enchantment, take the diversion on right in the wood, which permits to leave the forest and to immerse in the silence of nature. The same final goal by all the warmth that only a refuge with heater is capable to give. Around there are the snowed tops of Lagorai with its unpolluted natural environment.

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